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s25 - Deadline Woes [WB10]


Trouble for the league? Should the VHL be concerned by the lack of trades during the league's trade deadline? Some General Managers across the league are in fact concerned by the lack of movement at the trade deadline, one of the league's more busier times of the season. In fact, besides for the draft and the early stages of free agency some might consider the trade deadline to be third busiest days on the VHL calendar, but this season, the volume of trades was not there and several General Managers have gotten concerned by the lack of reply from other General Managers.

This has opened discussion at the league level about why the league is struggling to keep the attention of the General Managers across the league and what can be done to promote a more active league moving forward. While league officials have discussed if the issue is not the active of the league but more of an issue with the current trade prices around the league. Several General Managers have shared their views on the matter, with most feeling the prices have reached an all time high. Perhaps, the trade prices will see a decrease, but as long as even a small number of General Managers are paying the current rates trade prices will to hold, potentially, even go up.

To be fair the league and its General Managers, the issue a factor of many things - active, prices, and one thing which continues to be overlooked - a willingness to win across the league. Too many General Managers would rather remain in a continuous rebuild or making the playoffs and not doing much else. Which is not a good mindset to have when the objective should be to win.

For the Scouts and Cowboys, every season winning is the objective. Sometimes the clubs succeed by making the playoffs and even advancing in the playoffs to a level not thought possible. Other times, the Scouts and Cowboys have been the worst or one of the worst clubs in the league, but even in these seasons the objective was to win.

As for the Scouts, their trade deadline was quiet as the club only made one trade, sending minor league defender, Nick Jensen to the St. Louis Blues for minor league defender, Jonas Holos. Holos is a pending free agency who the Scouts has started having discussions with since acquiring Holos. The Scouts had several other possible trades in the works but nothing seem to fit.