• Vintage Hockey League
  • Day 2Game 5
    Muskegon LUMBERJACKS5
    Wyoming COWBOYS3
    Boxscore 0 Likes
  • Day 4Game 13
    Muskegon LUMBERJACKS3
    Wyoming COWBOYS2
    Boxscore 0 Likes
  • Day 6Game 21
    Wyoming COWBOYS0
    Muskegon LUMBERJACKS3
    Boxscore 0 Likes
  • Day 8Game 29
    Wyoming COWBOYS
    Muskegon LUMBERJACKS
    Boxscore 0 Likes

s13 - Rivals, Fuck'em [WB7]


When talking about the whom the Scouts would say are their rivals, the answer can be broken down into several directions, if we are talking divisionally, the first team which comes to mind is the Milwaukee Admirals, since the Admirals and Scouts will forever be linked as expansion brethren. If you want to talk about geographical rivalry, then the Saint Louis Blues, who are only a mire 248 miles/399 KM from Kansas City. If you want to talk about slaying the divisional giant, the Minnesota Wild, who have been at the top of the division or with in the top three in most seasons. If you want to talk about the longest in division foe, the Chicago Blackhawks. Before running the Scouts, GM George ran the Detroit Red Wings, leaving the Hawks GM and GM George as the only two remaining General Managers still in the Central Division from day one; the division was called the Norris Division before the divisional and conference names were changed. The Detroit Red Wings are a rival based solely off the fact the Scouts GM once managed in Detroit. Also, don’t forget past divisional foes the Jets, Lightning, and Maple Leafs as teams who could not hack the “Norris Style” and bailed for softer rides in other VHL divisions.

Going beyond the Central Division, who for the record are the most hated clubs in the eyes of the Scouts and their fan. Next up would be the teams of the Pacific Division, those teams act high and mighty, as if the Central is barren wasteland, which it might be, but still – fuck’em, but most importantly, fuck Saskashit and Winnipeg for not joining their Central brothers! As for the teams of the Eastern Conference, fuck’em. It is a four or five team race, the rest of the conference is playing a casual game of, “You take it, I don’t want it”. Might as join the Central Division and create the biggest game of, “You take it, I don’t want it”.

Either way, thank you, fuck you, bye!


Since joining the AHL, the Wyoming Cowboys have gained a great distaste for the Salt Lake Golden Eagles and for good reason – a natural rivalry between both states. Wyoming and Salt Lake not only share a geographical rivalry but also share college sports rivalry which started in 1903 between Wyoming Cowboys and the Utah State Aggies; since 2013 the winner is awarded the trophy of the rivalry, a .50 caliber Rocky Mountain Hawken rifle. Unlike the college rivalry, the Cowboys and Golden Eagles don’t currently have a yearly trophy for the winner of the rivalry, but has been talk between both clubs of introducing a trophy, the Big Horn Cup. The Cowboys also have smaller rivalries with the Fort McMurray Miners and Seattle Kraken.