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S25 - Awards [WB11]


Blues awards

Pro MVP : Tyler Seguin

There is Tyler Seguin and the others. He had a great season so far with 80 points in 68 ga,es played,and the second choice is Bobby Ryan since he joined the team he 13 goals 7 assists in 20 games played.

Top Goalie : Ray Emery

He has a good season with .921 saving percentage and an average of 2.75

Top Defenseman : Connor Murphy

Connor showed a lots of progress in his game. He has a great season with 2 goal, 14 assists for 16 points and a +11. The closest one is Nathan Paetch with 15 points in 66 games played and +10

Rookie of the year : Reilly Smith

Reilly has an amazing season with +17 diff 17 goals 15 assists in 80 games played.

Top Point scorer : Tyler Seguin

He is simply the best 80 points.

Top Goal Scorer : Daniel Sedin 32 goals No body can score goals like Daniel does, he is kind of magician. He had 32 goals and 38 assists.

Top Defensive Forward : Reilly Smith

Reilly is always playing against the best of the other and even with the situation he had a +17 diff, scored 17 goals 15 assists on a second line.

Qualities of perseverance and Sportmanship : Daniel Sedin

Daniel has only 0 minutes penalties all year and he played all 74 games and no injuries

Player who displays Gentlemanly Conduct : Colton Sceviour

Colton played 80 games and has 0 minute penalty all season.



MVP : David Ullstrom

David is great this season with 51 points

Top Goalie : Calvin Pickard

Calvin was great with a saving percentage of .932 and an average of 1.71

Top Defenseman : Duncan Siemens

Duncan had a +8 diff, scored 5 goals, 22 assists

Rookie of the year : David Ullstrom

He has a great year and had to play some game in pro and he was great there too.

Top Point scorer : David Ullstrom

David had 19 goals and 32 assists.

Top Goal Scorer : Sergei Shirokov

Sergei did not have too much to do to be the top goals scorer, he scored only 26 goals.

Top Defensive Forward : David Ullstrom

David has a +12 diff also score 26 goals, 20 assists in 70 games.

Qualities of perseverance and Sportmanship : Tyler Wotherspoon

Tyller has 4 minutes penalty all year and he played all 40 games and no injuries.

Player who displays Gentlemanly Conduct : Tyler Wotherspoon

Tyler played all 40 games and only had 4 minutes penalty all season.


Note : Some awarded players did not resign with our Blues but no problem we have youngster coming in for them at a cheaper salary.


Homer Simpson reporter

Saint-Louis gazette

WC 452