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s25 - Hopeful [WB9]


The management in Long Island are hoping for another visit to the extended season. "We are not delusional about winning a cup but we are looking forward to at least having a shot",  is what General Manager Paul Gagne was over heard saying after last nights win. "We have a multitude of injuries affecting key players but that is what this game is all about", Genral Manager Paul Gagne stated. "We have also relied heavily on our goaltender Markstrom. To the point of over playing him. We just want to get there and do our best and make a challenge at least".

The atmosphere in and around the Islander franchise seems hopeful and upbeat but the fans are very nervous. "This team has been so riddled with injuries, do we really want to make the playoffs and ruin the future of the club", says one fan. "Since we exhausted Markstrom I don't think we stand a chance. He should be our MVP", says another.

All hopes seem to be on what some are saying is the Hart nominee for the Isles, Brayden Schenn. Brayden Schenn has been asked by this team to step up this year and has not disappointed. He is currently on a 1.11 points per game hit and is a balance of goals and assists. He has a plus/minus  of 10 along with 34 sin minutes. Schenn has proven to be a very balanced, team oriented player.

Markstrom has not been too bad either with his 2.65 GAA and 0.920 sav% through 65 starts. A record of 31 wins, 24 losses and 9 ties on an underperforming team is also not too shabby.

All in all the team has actually been a disappointment for the fans of Long Island but they still love this team and hope for playoffs.

"We will not die and fade away. The fight is on", says captain Anze Kopitar.